Cardano (ADA) Added to eToro – Cardano Updates Galore

cardano ada added to etoro cardano updates galore

Cardano (ADA) – eToro, the world’s leading social trading broker that now offers cryptocurrency trading,  is now offering Cardano (ADA) on its platform. New #Cryptocurrency alert on eToro! Cardano $ADA is now available for trading on our platform.#cryptos — eToro (@eToro) June 17, 2018 eToro is not yet available in the United States. The social trading platform currently offers the following digital currencies: Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Ripple (XRP) Litecoin (LTC) Ethereum Classic (ETC) Stellar (XLM) DASH NEO EOS Almost a month ago, eToro announced  … Read…

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All Aboard the TRON [TRX] Train – Odyssey 2.0 Updates

all aboard the tron trx train odyssey 2 0 updates

TRON [TRX] – A week ago, TRON launched Odyssey 2.0. This product launch has been far overdue, as TRON’s ICO was completed back in early September 2017. The project raised the $70 million to expand its developer base to help build out the Tron ecosystem. The Tron Foundation, based in Shanghai, released its test net just two months ago. Since the test net the team has released various projects centered around building the Tron community and the Tron blockchain. Let’s get into them and some of the drama. >> What is…

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Ripple Releases OnePay FX, Updates Rippled – Full Steam Ahead! ?

ripple releases onepay fx updates rippled full steam ahead %f0%9f%9a%82

This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster for the crypto market. Yesterday, things were looking good. Today, not so much. Ripple (XRP) is down, despite releasing two products yesterday— including the hotly anticipated OnePay FX, and Bitcoin (BTC) is moving closer to the $7,400 mark.  So, by what percentage is Ripple (XRP) down today? What two products did the company release yesterday? Let’s see what we can find out.  Ripple | XRP Price News   Ripple (XRP) is currently selling for $0.61. This puts XRP down 0.62% in the past twenty-four…

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Bitcoin Cash News: Roger Ver Still Bullish; Network Updates; BCH Down

bitcoin cash news roger ver still bullish network updates bch down

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), ranked as the fourth largest cryptocurrency, is down today — as with the rest of top-ten coins, though. This may come as a surprise to some, considering there was some major Bitcoin Cash news circulating yesterday. Specifically, news regarding Roger Ver and his bullish stance on Bitcoin Cash (BCH).  Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Daily Chart  Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is currently selling for $1,282.43. This puts BCH down 6.40% in the past twenty-four hours.  Source: CoinMarketCap Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has a market cap of $21.97 billion, putting it below ……

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TRON [TRX] Token Swap Countdown – Main Net Updates

tron trx token swap countdown main net updates

TRON [TRX] & TRON Token Swap – The TRON main net launch is exactly two weeks away and the community surrounding the project is buzzing. The TRX token is currently an ERC20 token supported by the Ethereum blockchain, but once the main net for TRON is launched, the token will be swapped over to be completely supported on the TRON blockchain. EOS is launching its main net around the same time and is switching its EOS token to its platform as well. The steps to get your ERC20 tokens registered…

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Tron (TRX) Main Net Updates – Are You Ready?

tron trx main net updates are you ready

The Tron (TRX) main net launch is just weeks away. The Tron team has made a concerted effort to inform its investors of the migration of its token to its platform. Which is a night and day difference from what the EOS team has currently done. Both coins are ERC20 tokens and will be migrating from the Ethereum blockchain to their own in June. Immediately when you enter the main Tron website there is a notice that pops up, and it reads: “Dear investors, TRON Mainnet is launching soon. Token migration from…

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