Arcana Wallet – A Foolproof Wallet That Makes Managing Your Cryptos Really Easy

arcana wallet a foolproof wallet that makes managing your cryptos really easy

The cryptocurrency markets are becoming increasingly attractive for traditional investors who are looking for new industries to invest in, different ways to diversify their fiat portfolios, and for speculators that want to make small investments in some of the major cryptocurrencies. If you are new to cryptocurrencies, you have likely discovered how challenging it can be to find a wallet to store your tokens, which basically equates to storing your private keys. Whether you are storing them in a hardware wallet, or online in one of the major exchanges, the…

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Arcana Wallet – Liquidity Meets Security

arcana wallet liquidity meets security

The cryptocurrency markets are always changing. Nothing remains static for long, and as an investor, you need the right wallet to help you keep up with these changes. You’re no beginner. You saw Bitcoin hit $20,000, you invested in Ethereum early on, and you might even have taken part in the major Bitcoin fork that led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash. But all throughout your cryptocurrency investing, you’ve struggled to find the right wallet to store your tokens. And while major exchanges exist and can store your tokens, you…

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Arcana Wallet | Security and Autonomy in One

arcana wallet security and autonomy in one

Cryptocurrency trading is an extraordinary opportunity because the price volatility is much wider than in equity markets. What would normally take weeks to attain in gains I have achieved in much shorter time frames. Rather than doubling down as my stack has grown, I bank my profits back into the majors: the largest blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo. These particular cryptocurrencies are great savings opportunities because they not only appreciate in value, but they pay out extraordinary dividends in the form of forks. When I first started trading Bitcoin…

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Blockchain Patent Filed for a Digital Currency Wallet by the People’s Bank of China

blockchain patent filed for a digital currency wallet by the peoples bank of china

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) has just filed a new blockchain patent for a digital wallet. The Digital Currency Research Lab wants to build a wallet that allows users to track their transactions. The application was submitted through China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) on Friday, June 22nd. The new patent filed outlines the proposal of a digital wallet that would be used to track transaction data. The new app would be in coordination with the official, centralized digital currency issuance registration agency. Like any of the wallets on…

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Robinhood Crypto: Is the Trading App Making a Crypto Wallet?

robinhood crypto is the trading app making a crypto wallet

Robinhood Crypto: Rumors are circulating the crypto industry this Tuesday morning. Normally, we see rumors of exchanges adding certain cryptocurrencies – but today, things are a little different. Robinhood Crypto: Looking for Crypto Engineers – Why? The week has only just kicked off, and yet, we’re already seeing speculation regarding the future of Robinhood, a stock and crypto trading app. On June 26th, Robinhood posted a job advertisement. Specifically, Robinhood announced that it is actively seeking multi-skilled crypto engineers. But why? The advertisement makes a reference to the creation of a…

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