Theta Review


A decentralized video content streaming platform that is powered by users who then in return get rewarded with Theta Tokens.



Sliver.TV has a running platform with over a million monthly users according to their documentation. The network is backed by some of the biggest name in the video streaming industry. Its appeal is massive – (Researchers state video content will reach 82% of all internet traffic by 2020) – as well as the network’s target user base. Competition-wise, no one is even close to a running live platform with as many users. Sliver.TV has also raised over $17 million in venture financing from notable Silicon Valley VCs.


Use of Blockchain

The team behind the Theta network claim the network needs to reach a critical mass of users for it to run smoothly, and so in order to safeguard the network’s growth until that point, Sliver.TV are planning to utilize some sort of bootstrap mechanism, where instead of end users pulling video streams from CDN servers (Like YouTube’s servers), instead only a subset of caching nodes will pull the stream. The main architecture is simple: Streamers publish their video streams to ingest nodes, which run on computers contributed by the user community. The ingest nodes are responsible for transcoding the video stream to different bitrates and resolutions. Then, the caching nodes pull the video streams and relay to end viewers. The block reward is not a constant, instead Sliver.TV devised a formula (which is in the Whitepaper along with all of the relevant information) to calculate a ‘reputation score’ – the higher your reputation score; the bigger the block reward.



Sliver.TV’s development roadmap, both business wise and technology-wise are professional and solid. This must stem from Sliver.TV being a large, well based company that already raised over $17 million in venture financing. Their vision will be the future’s standard, and their feasibility of achieving their goals are high. They do depend on some bootstrapping mechanisms that create this sort of hybrid centralized-decentralized network, but that is just temporary. Sliver.TV’s current platform is working on all cylinders.


Company and Team

As stated earlier, Sliver.TV is an established, well known video streaming company in today’s market. They are no strangers to fund raising, having raised over $17 million in venture financing, from VCs including Danhua Capital, DCM, Sierra ventures and more. The only information about the team is what is found on the Thetatoken website/whitepaper, which only specifies the found members and advisory board. The rest of the team is not mentioned, hence the relative lower-than-average score.


Token Sale

Theta tokens are capped at 300,000,000 tokens available for sale. The hard cap is $20 million or the equivalent in ETH. One Theta token will be priced around $0.12, with a minimum purchase of 1 ETH and bonus tokens for purchasers in the first week. According to the team behind Theta, 60% of the anticipated funds will go towards software development (R&D), 20% towards marketing and community development and 20% towards operational and legal expenses. There is some media presense and converage, albeit not as much for a project of this caliber.





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