WePower Review

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WePower is launching blockchain and smart contracts powered green energy trading platform where everyone can buy, trade or invest in tokenised green energy.

The WePower platform is rapidly being developed. A demo version of the platform has been launched and partnerships with industry parties have been announced such as Elering and Bancor. Plans for launching a pilot project with Elering in order to tokenize all energy in Estonia and develop the Estonian energy infrastructure are set for April of 2018. WePower sets out to have their network operational in Spain in November of 2018.

Use of Blockchain
The trading platform aims to increase decentralization of energy production by allowing for smaller players in the energy production sector to acquire the necessary capital to build the infrastructure required to generate green energy. The WePower marketplace will increase competition between energy producers, thus reducing costs for energy consumers, but will also provide a lower entry barrier for green energy production.

WePower provides a comprehensive business plan for the platform. However, descriptions of the technological functionality of the platform can be improved and should contain more detail. The project aims to facilitate the disruption of the entire green energy production sector while providing fiscal and sustainability incentives for owning their own WPR tokens.

The WePower developmental roadmap lacks technological details. However, business related milestones are outlined, such as platform and infrastructure developments in Estonia and Spain. Functionality of the WePower platform is clearly outlined and the platform hopes to assist with the development of green energy technologies. The feasibility of this project is heavily weighted on the partnerships that can be acquired from green energy producers in its early stages, as well as the results of the pilot project in Estonia.

WPR tokens are a real asset based token as well as an investment vehicle for the WePower marketplace. As more green energy producers join the WePower network, the WPR tokens accrue in value. The WPR tokens can either be sold for currency, or be used in exchange for energy.

Company and Team
Company size: 20-50 employees. Whitepaper lists the founder and employees of various sectors of the project including energy markets, AI, payments, software engineering, and operations. Updated LinkedIn profiles appear to be available (from a small sampling) and backgrounds of individuals are outlined and relevant to the project. The lead team members’ backgrounds can all be closely checked online as well.

Token Sale
Total WPR token supply will be announced closer to the token sale. Unsold tokens will be burned. The soft cap is $5MM USD. Minimum investment amount will be $200 USD. Exchange rate until the soft cap will be 1 ETH:4600 WPR, and 1 ETH:4000 WPR after the soft cap. Main token sale date will be in February 2018 and will last 14 days. 55% of the total WPR token supply will be for sale, while 45% of the tokens will be allocated to the WePower team, community, and for user growth.


Website: https://www.wepower.network/

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